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Xavier X-1

Name Xavier X-1

Position Fenris Ranger

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Android/Synth
Age 46 looks 26

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 200
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Xavier is fully anatomically functional and looks completely human except for two things. First, his eyes give off a very faint glow. This glow is really only noticeable in the dark. The second is that he has no body hair other than what is on his head.

He was created to work with children so he was given a friendly, open appearance. His hair is platinum-blond and his eyes are glacier blue.

When not in uniform he tends to wear darker, monochromatic colors like navy, grey and black. His gait, especially if he is hurrying, appears to be a bit mechanical and stiff. When he is looking at someone he sometimes has trouble getting it right. His eyes automatically make an adjustment so he actually does see the person. However, it may look like his focus is slightly off-kilter as if he isn’t focusing directly on the person or it may look like he is staring at them.


Spouse None
Children None likely
Father None
Mother None
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None living

Personality & Traits

General Overview Physical Attributes/Limitations: Xavier was created with one purpose in mind. To guard and protect military and important political leaders and their children. He is about as strong and durable as an in-shape Vulcan with the added bonus of being virtually impervious to being punched, kicked, gouged, etc. He does have some built-in armor against bladed and projectile weapons and even being shot by a phaser on low stun may not stop him. He can of course be stopped by more serious attacks, he doesn’t have superpowers. He can withstand temperature variations much like an Andorian can. He does however need to breathe and can not endure really harsh temperatures beyond normal extremes.

He does not need to sleep, however, he does need to recharge(literally, like a cell phone is plugged in. This is usually done in a chamber that looks like a tanning bed) Under normal circumstances he can go up to 35 hours before needing to spend 8 hours charging. After 36 hours he will begin to act much like a sleep-deprived human would act. After 48 hours he will begin to shut down and will need to spend 24 hours to recharge.

He can get by a protein and carbohydrate paste that was found with him and which can be easily replicated. However, he does like trying new kinds of food and is immensely intrigued by the variety of foods to be found within the Federation.

At the base of his skull, there is a small panel. If that panel is opened and a switch is flipped, it will literally turn Xavier off.

Psychological: Xavier has just been reactivated. Unlike Data he has never been emotionless. Now, he does in fact have the opposite problem. He has deep, often warring emotions that he is dealing with. An attempt was made to alter his programing but was only partially successful. He was originally created with a protective nature that was ingrained in him and part of his core programming.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Fearless
+ Protective
+ Stands up for the underdog
+ Strong moral compass
+ Desire for intimacy
+ Not susceptible to telepathy

- Unfamiliar with human culture
- Emotionally confused
- Speaks mind sometimes in inappropriate situations
- Stubborn
- Has a desire for intimacy that's not yet been met.
- No telepathic ability

Ambitions Become human or at least recognized as such with all the rights and privileges of a human or any Federation citizen.

Be the best at what he does as a Ranger

On a personal level, he would like to find someone and if not marry them, have a long-term relationship with them.

Hobbies & Interests Plays the piano, art, children’s games, strategy games, and puzzles are his core interests. As he becomes more human he will develop an interest in other things

Personal History Heiros IV was a technologically advanced planet The inhabitants of the planet were not human though they closely resemble and could pass for them. There were a large number of countries each with its own governmental structure. One of the larger nations was a monarchy. In order to protect their royalty and nobility they developed a group of Androids. Built to be stronger and better than themselves, yet at the same time be as much like them as possible.

However, the arrogant Francians took the X1s for granted treating them more like guard dogs or property than people. The X1s reacted as anyone might under the circumstances they began to rebel. So they were shut down in favor of the X2s who were more powerful and less emotional and humanlike, hence more controllable.

Xavier was one of the last of the X1s to be created and one of the last to be turned off as well. One of his last assignments, before he was deactivated, was to protect a young boy, the Francian Crown Prince Even though Xavier was not part of the rebellion and was loyal to Josiah he was still deactivated when Josiah was eleven. Josiah grew up to be a powerful political figure and diplomat.

Heiros IV came under attack from the Romulan Alliance. The Alliance quickly began to take over the planet and Josiah along with a handful of other members of the Resistance managed to escape to the mountains with the X2s covering the retreat. The X2s were formidable fighters and were doing an admirable job of kicking the elite Acolyte warriors' collective ass and they started losing ground. However, the flaw of the X2s was that since they were strictly machines with no real self-identity like the X1s, they were easily controlled. This had been an intentional design by the Francians, but they wound up being hoisted by their own petard.

The Resistance, except for a small remnant, was crushed. Some of the X1s, including Xavier, were reactivated as a last-ditch attempt at survival. When he was reactivated Xavier was reprogrammed with some of Josiah’s negotiating skills and abilities, so he could act more like an assistant to him than just a bodyguard. The Francians made contact with other Resistance groups (Xavier even played a part in this and was sent to some far-flung groups to enlist their aid, since he was not susceptible to being detected telepathically) and they began to be a thorn in the Acolyte’s side for short time.

Eventually, though the resistance was crushed and Xavier was captured. He was rescued by a Federation ship and when it became clear that he was a Synth, he was taken to a planet to be with his own kind.

He was Synth, but a totally different kind, so he didn't truly fit in, so when the opportunity came along to leave the planet and join the Fenris Rangers he did.
Service Record This is his first assignment as a Fenris Ranger and he is looking to make the best of it.