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Lieutenant Kevin Bianchi

Name Kevin Tristan Bianchi Ph.D.

Position Chief Counselor

Second Position Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 185 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue-Green
Physical Description Kevin is a tall, well-built man with dark hair, blue-green eyes and a semi-permanent five-o'-clock shadow. He wears his hair short, is usually quite neat about his person and has a broad, friendly smile. He often wears HUD spectacles while in therapy with patients in order to maintain eye contact instead of having to constantly look at a PADD to read off information, which he finds can break the connection between therapist and patient.


Father Marcus Bianchi (Elementary School Teacher)
Mother Jaina Bianchi (Colonial Administration Officer)
Other Family Cousins: Ryan Bianchi (Starfleet Officer), Alexander Bianchi (Starfleet Officer)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kevin has a warm, affable personality that can easily put others at ease. His genuine interest in different cultures and people's personal experiences allow him to connect with a diverse range of individuals. Kevin is an excellent listener with a calming presence, able to gently guide people through difficult emotional situations.

Kevin also has an intense curiosity and thirst for knowledge. He avidly studies the interactions between personal psychology, history and sociology, fascinated by how cultural backgrounds shape mental frameworks. Though this can make him appear like a studious bookworm, he balances this well with his more relaxed outer personality.

Optimistic and rational, Kevin prefers to find diplomatic resolutions to conflicts. However, he also knows there are times when tougher stances must be taken to protect ethics and principles he values like equality and understanding between peoples.
Hobbies & Interests • Keeping fit through swimming
• Reading classical literature from various cultures
• Listening to classical music from different worlds

Personal History Early Life:
The bustling Federation world of Delta Aquilae IV, equidistant from Bajor and Betazed in the Alpha Quadrant, was where Kevin was born and raised. The diverse population of settlers from numerous interstellar cultures sparked Kevin's curiosity about how upbringings shaped personalities and perspectives.

From a young age he was an inquisitive and open-minded child, constantly peppering new arrivals to the colony with questions about their customs and traditions. While Kevin's outgoing, empathetic personality allowed him to make friends easily, his intense desire to understand psychological nuances sometimes made him seem too prying. Although an only child, he was very close with his cousins growing up, both of whom were only a few years older than him and whom he idolised as brothers. When they both decided to apply for Starfleet Academy, Kevin's mind was immediately made up to follow in their footsteps.

Starfleet Academy:
When it came time to apply for Starfleet Academy, Kevin's passion for the interplay of cultures and psychologies made the path ahead clear. His study dedication paid off with admission, but the transition to San Francisco was unexpectedly difficult for the young man at first.

Struggling with homesickness and feeling out of place in the capital of the Federation, Kevin initially retreated further into his studies. However, after counseling helped him find healthier social outlets, he began attending cultural exchange programs offered by the Academy and discovered a love of philosophical discussions and classical literature from various cultures.

These experiences ingrained in Kevin the value of fostering connections to counsel people through difficult adjustments and the importance of opening oneself up to the potential of experiences around you. After graduating with his psychology and xenology degrees, his first assignment awaited aboard the USS Pandora.

Starfleet Career:
Kevin's first deep-space assignment in 2391 was as a junior counselor aboard the USS Pandora, an Olympic-class medical vessel. While on the Pandora, he decided to continued his studies by pursuing a post-graduate degree in trauma psychology. This was inspired by an incident where he was tasked with helping Vulcan patients overcome trauma after a warp field accident destroyed their ship and left them struggling with emotional control.

In 2396, Kevin was promoted to Lieutenant JG and assigned to the USS Galatea, a Gagarin-class cruiser assigned to the Archanis sector. During a mission on Kolarus III, his experience in xenopsychology proved invaluable when he had to step in for the diplomatic officer who had been delayed and mediate a complex cultural dispute related to property rites on Kolarus III. In 2398, a territorial dispute between Federation and Klingon colonists on Archanis IV nearly plunged the entire colony into unrest and Kevin, along was Captain, spent two weeks locked in negotiations between the two factions trying to reach a peaceful settlement.

Following his promotion to full Lieutenant in 2399, he was promoted to Chief Counselor of the USS Avasarala, a state-of-the-art Sutherland-class research and exploration vessel conducting thorough survey of systems along the Federation-Cardassian border of the Betreka Nebula. It was during their survey of the Tau Lyrae system that they discovered the distress signal of a crashed Starfleet vessel, the USS Heyerdahl, from 2245 on one of the system's moons. After conducting recovery operations, they discovered several stasis pods still intact. Once the occupants were awoken, Kevin was in charge of helping them adjust to life in the 25th century.

When the time for the group to be transferred off the Avasarala and into further care, Kevin had become moved by their stories and their experiences and requested a transfer to the Starfleet Temporal Integration Program, where the Heyerdahl Six (as the group was known) would continue treatment. He was assigned as one of the lead counselors at the facility and worked with not only the Heyerdahl Six, but also other individuals recovering from temporal displacement. His primary responsibility was helping officers adjust to 25th century norms and help them understand Starfleet's role in the 25th century relating to other cultures, polities and organisations. During this time, Kevin completed his doctorate in trauma psychology, writing his thesis on the traumatic psychological effects of forward temporal displacement on Starfleet officers from the 23rd century.
Service Record 2387-2391 - Starfleet Academy, Sciences Division (Presidio Campus)

2391-2396 - Counselor, USS Pandora NCC-57731 (Olympic-class), Rank - Ensign

2396-2399 - Counselor, USS Galatea NCC-89914 (Gagarin-class), Rank - Lieutenant JG

2399-2400 - Chief Counselor, USS Avasarala NCC-91805 (Sutherland-class), Rank - Lieutenant

2400-2403 - Lead Counselor, Starfleet Temporal Integration Program, Rank - Lieutenant

2403-Present - Chief Counselor, USS Intrepid NCC-90272 (Constitution III-class), Rank - Lieutenant