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Lieutenant JG Rosalind Paget

Name Rosalind Elizabeth Paget

Position Counselor's Aide

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 7st 7lbs
Hair Color Natural Red
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Rosalind is slim bordering on thin. Her complexion is pale and her voice is quiet. Her natural red hair is waist long with a thick fringe and is as straight as a poker.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Mathew Paget (deceased)
Mother Belle Elizabeth Paget nee Beamont (deceased)
Brother(s) Roger Mathew Paget (deceased)
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rosalind is quiet and seems rather withdrawn. Although she likes company it can be a challenge for her if there is a crowd so she tends to remain solitary although is trying hard to overcome this.
In what she refers to as her 'former life' , she was far more outgoing, although never the life and soul of a party but she had many friends, some close and planned a future that would be full.
A prolonged stay in a stasis pod, caused by a ship crashing into a sea, changed all of that. When she awoke after almost a century and a half,her whole world had changed and the effects were dramatic and long lasting.
Now she seems shy and slow to form friendships almost as though she doesnt trust life not to repeat the past. Self preservation gives a sense of security and that is worth everything to her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Rosalind is reliable and works hard at any given task.
Perhaps could not be classed as a team player, tending to hang back too much.
Ambitions First and foremost Rosalind wants to become a part of the life which surrounds her. She needs to find her niche. It is small steps, one at a time, that is enabling her to regain some of the character she used to have.
Hobbies & Interests Reading. She is trying to get up to speed with many subjects. Outdoor activities appeal but not sports which would involve too much interaction with others particularly in team games so walking alone is something she enjoys.

Personal History Rosalind was born in England Earth in December 2222
Her childhood was a happy one spent with loving parents who were strict yet fair and a brother less than a year older who teased and tormented her and recieved the same treatment back. It was done in fun, the siblings were close as young children and remained so as they grew up.
She enjoyed her school years making good progress in her subjects year on year ending with mostly A and A*grades.
Her parents supported their childrens choices of careers having guided them into well rounded caring and considerate young adults.
Rosalinds brother Roger decided that his route would be to follow his father into biotechnology whilst Starfleet had always held an appeal to the young Rosalind who applied to study psychology.
The Academy welcomed her in the Spring of 2238 where she settled like a Bee onto a flower. Counselling was the natural progression for her.
The time sped past to graduation followed soon after by her first posting to USS Heyerdahl

Its mission was to survey the Tau Lyrae system. Initially all went well, but then the ship came under attack by an unknown vessel causing it to crash into the ocean-moon Nymeia, partly damaged as were some of the escape pods.
Not all the crew could be evacuated in the shuttles and escape pods that remained, so the captain ordered the rest of the crew into the stasis pods as the ship sank, hoping that those who survived would lead the rescue teams to them.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen because Kelbonite deposits on the bottom of the moon's ocean interfered with starship sensors and the ship was never found... until 2400.
Rosalind was one of nine survivors although three died in the first couple of days after rescue.
Her recovery was painfully slow at first but gradually life returned and she was able, eventually, to re-enlist and continue her chosen path.
Service Record • 2238-2242: Starfleet Academy
• 2242-2245: USS Heyerdahl, Counselor
• 2245-2400: Classified as Missing In Action
• 2401-2403: Starfleet Temporal Reintegration Program
• 2403-Present: USS Intrepid, Counselor's Aide