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Commander Clay McEntyre III

Name Clay McEntyre III

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 50

Physical Appearance

Height 6'9"
Weight 364
Hair Color Blonde Fur
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A Caitian with a linebacker's build. He’s framed by firm muscles, and clipped dirty blonde hair in a high and tight military style cut.. He predominantly wears Starfleet Issued Armor, even on duty, as a precaution for sudden shipboardings and ground drops.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Clay McEntyre, J.R
Mother Sil'vi'a McEntyre
Brother(s) RADM. Elias McEntyre - Older Brother
Sister(s) None
Other Family J.R McEntyre, M.D - Cousin
Anna-Lee McEntyre - Cousin

Personality & Traits

General Overview A Federation Officer joining in 2372, Clay McEntyre's family has always served in one form or another, having seen combat in most major conflicts going back to the founding of the State of Texas. He applied and was accepted to the Starfleet Security Academy at West Point, New York where generations of MACOs and Federation Security and Military Officers’ have been trained in military tactics and ground warfare.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Combat Training - In addition to standard combat and weapons training, Clay is a specialist in Combat Tactics, Weapons, and Security Procedures.

Book Smarts - Clay holds a Masters Degree in Military History and Defense and Strategic Studies. In addition to a wonderlust for literature which he enjoys in his downtime.


Poor Eyes: Clay was born with a severe allergy to Retinax V, a common medicine used to treat poor vision.

Traumatic Childhood: Clay grew up the scorn of an overbearing father who did not tolerate any weakness or failures from his children. Clay was the target of the brunt of his father’s over dominating ways to the point where his father tossed him to the wolves, disowning him when he came out at 16. He spent a year couch surfing and trying to survive until he was able to enter West Point at 17, at the first chance he got.
Ambitions Taking each day, one step at a time. His mission in life is to help those in need of helping, to be a beacon of hope in a galaxy gripped by hopelessness and despair.
Hobbies & Interests Old Earth Literature
Rock Climbing

Personal History Clay McEntrye was born in Dallas on 19th of November 2354 to Clay McEntyre II and Silvia McEntyre The McEntyre’s being a military family with deep roots in Federation Service, dating back to before the Federation was founded. Clay’s ancestors were MACO officers and Enlisted personnel. He does have family in the service today, though they are Medical Officers and Surgeons, mainly on his Uncle’s side of the family. His Cousins are Caitians by birth, having descended from Caitian’s adopted by human parents.

Growing up under the weight of his family’s legacy, Clay spent years under the pressure of his father, who wanted all his sons to learn proper discipline, weapons handling, and self-reliance, skills useful for a future soldier of the Federation. Clay, J.r was a stern taskmaster in this regard, pushing his youngest harder, longer and faster than his older sons, Clay, Jr did not tolerate his only son being the runt of the family and when he discovered his son making out with a neighbor boy when Clay was 16, His father immediately disowned him and tossed him out to fend for himself.

Clay was accepted with high honors to West Point in 2372, having struggled to achieve remarkable scores in his High School classes and admission exams while trying to survive on his own. He trained harder than any recruit at West Point, impressing his instructors with his commitment to the Force, and his willingness to go above and beyond for his beliefs.

Upon his senior graduation from West Point, he asked to remain to continue his studies for a double masters in Military History and Defense and Strategic Studies, graduated in the top of his class and was commissioned a Lieutenant, J.G of the Federation Starfleet Peacekeeping Forces.

He spends almost ten years in the Starfleet Security Rapid Response group and aided in the evacuation of Romulan Space.

In 2389 he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and assigned to the Galaxy-II U.S.S. Astrea where he spent almost 11 years onboard before the ship was decommissioned in the aftermath of the Frontier Day Attacks.

For his valor and courage during the Frontier Day Attacks he was posted as the Starfleet Academy Master at Arms, the Chief of Starfleet Academy's Security Detachment.

However in 2403 he requested a new ship assignment and was deployed to the U.S.S. Intrepid as it's Chief of Security at the behest of Admiral Albion, a friend of the McEntyre Family.
Service Record 2372-2378 - West Point - Studies in Military History and Defense and Strategic Studies

2379-2380 - Jupiter Station - Zero Gravity and Special Warfare Training.

2380-2382 - Deployment to Deep Space K-19 - Garrison Officer

2382-2383- Peacekeeping Mission Romulan Border

2383-2385 - Garrison Duty, Outpost Sierra 39

2385-2387 - Rapid Response Group - Romulan Sector Command

2387 - Assisted in the aborted evacuation of Romulan Space.

2388 Embassy Duties - New Romulus

2389-2402 - U.S.S. Astrea - Chief of Security

2402-2403 - Starfleet Academy - Academy Masters at Arms - Chief of Starfleet Academy Security

2403 - U.S.S. Intrepid - Chief of Security