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Commander Rylen Lyo

Name Rylen Lyo

Position Chief Operation's Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Kriosian
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 170 lb
Hair Color Medium brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Initially, you would not be able to distinguish Rylen Lyo from your average Trill; both of them have rows of darkened spots that run along the hairline and going down the neck. But unlike a Trill, the two rows of spots join at the center of the spine.

By the standards of his people, Rylen Lyo is considered handsome. He shares many of the physical attributes common amongst the High Nobility on his world, most notably curly brown hair and bright blue eyes. Rylen wear his hair in a short and easily managed style, one that matches the almost perpetual smirk he wear on his face.

Although he does not live in the gym, Rylen Lyo does maintain a higher than expected fitness standard for an officer in a technical profession. He swims regularly, and also enjoys a brisk run on the holodeck several times a week.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Lord Zellis Lyo, Member of the Sovereign Dynasty's Advisory Council (deceased)
Mother Lady Darra Lyo, Mistress of The House of Lyo
Brother(s) Selton (Lord In Waiting and Heir to the House of Lyo)-deceased
Sister(s) n/a
Other Family Several members of the Lyo family occupy important Ministerial and Advisory positions within the Sovereign Dynasty's Royal Government. His Maternal Uncle Padro Malvek is a Member of the Kriosian Parliament.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rylen Lyo has lived a life of privilege and wealth, and his bearing reflects that. He carries himself with an almost haughty demeanor, as if he considers himself to be above most others. This is a cleverly constructed facade, designed to keep others at bay so they will hopefully leave Rylen alone. He does not enjoy social interaction, and will do everything in his power to avoid such things. Not because he hates people, but because his empathic abilities are very difficult to silence and can become overwhelming. It has taken a great deal of discipline and medication on his part to be able to function as a member of a multi-species Starfleet crew.

Putting aside his difficulty with group situations, Rylen is actually very warm and engaging on a person-to-person level. He is well read on a wide variety of topics and can be very entertaining.

On the romantic front, Rylen is still finding his footing. Which in broad terms means that he is somewhat fickle and almost a bit of a slut. He prefers male company over female.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Strong technical knowledge, coupled with good organizational and problem-solving skills, makes him a good fit for the Operations Department
+ Has a strong sense of loyalty to his crew mates and to Starfleet as a whole. Rylen is deeply committed to the ideals of peaceful exploration and cooperation.
+ Non-confrontational. As a function of his empathic abilities, Rylen actively hates negativity and works very hard to promote a positive and conflict-free work environment.

- Passivity. Because of his non-confrontational nature, Rylen will often not speak up for himself when he should in order to preserve the peace.
- Aversion to social situations due to his difficult to control empathic abilities
Ambitions For now, Rylen is satisfied with running an Operations Department to the best of his abilities. in the future, he can see himself as a Second Officer or even an Executive Officer.
Hobbies & Interests Rylen reads extensively and has a fair amount of knowledge on a variety of topics. He stays on top of current political and news events, in the event they should come up in conversation. His personal interests include:
-Instrumental music from a variety of cultures. Rylen has a particular affinity for Terran Classical Music
-Culinary arts. Although he does not cook himself, Rylen has a very adventurous palate and is willing to try new and exotic fare from across the galaxy
-Starship design. Like many in technical professions, Rylen dabbles in starship design in the hopes of coming up with the next big innovation.

Personal History Rylen Lyo was born in the Kriosian capitol city in June of 2365, the second son of Lord Zellis and Lady Darra Lyo; the Lyo family is High Nobility on the planet Krios, so of course they provided their second child with the best education and resources that their world had to offer. When Rylen was five years old, testing discovered that he was strongly empathic. Low-grade empathy among the upper classes on Krios was quit common, but a gift as strong as Rylen's was quite rare. Despite all of the lessons that he was given and hour after hour of meditation, Rylen never really was able to hone that ability and only has a moderate degree of control (much to the disappointment of his parents).

As a student Rylen was often bored, preferring hands-on study versus book learning. Which, roughly translated, means that he liked to take things apart and put them back together in different ways to see how he could improve upon them. Several of his instructors began to cultivate this interest, and the young Rylen seemed to consume technical manual as if they were going out of style. In his later school years, Rylen won several technical prizes. Because of his family's high position in Kriosian society, it was naturally assumed that Rylen would use those technical skills in some direct service to the Sovereign Dynasty; Rylen himself had other ideas though, as he had secretly taken the Starfleet entrance examination and passed. Although his family was disappointed (a common theme throughout Rylen's life), they accepted his decision and he left for the Academy in 2383 with the declared major of Operations.

Adapting to life at the Academy was challenging, especially for a pupil such as Rylen that was averse to social situations. weekly sessions with a Betazoid counselor that specialized in Empathic senses were very helpful. Rylen did well in technical classes, but had difficulty with a few of the classes on Starfleet Protocol. when he graduated in 2387, Rylen was in the top twenty percent of his class.

Ensign Lyo's first assignment was as a gamma shift Operations Officer on the USS Universe, one of the first generation Galaxy Class Starships. Although he detested gamma shift, Rylen worked diligently and after a year earned a position promotion to bridge duty on Beta Shift. He worked that position for two years, earning a promotion to Lieutenant JG in 2390. When the Chief of Operations was injured in the line of duty in 2391, Rylen stepped up and filled the Chief role on a interim basis for six months. Although he did not become the new Chief permanently, the Captain of the Universe recommended Rylen for a Chief's slot when one came available. After another nine months, the Chief of Operations position opened on the Sovereign Class USS Excalibur in 2392. Rylen served on that vessel for ten years until it was decommissioned in 2402 after sustaining critical damage in a battle with an unknown adversary in sector 441. After a month of leave, Rylen was reassigned to the Intrepid.
Service Record 2383-2387: Starfleet Academy, Operations course of study
2387-2388: Gamma Shift Operations officer, USS Universe
2388-2391: Beta Shift Bridge Operations Officer, USS Universe
2391-2392: interim Chief of Operations, USS Universe
2392-2402: Chief of Operations, USS Excalibur
Current Assignment: USS Intrepid, Chief of Operations