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Lieutenant Dovenice Nyx

Name Dovenice Nyx

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1" /1.55m
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Dove has large, grey eyes and dark brown hair. Her hair is normally kept around shoulder-length and is straight. While on duty, she keeps it pulled out of her face. She has smooth skin that is marked with the spotted pattern typical of the Trill species but is otherwise free of blemishes. She is short, toned, and fleet-footed.


Spouse Tymon Michno
Children None
Father Garzol
Mother Kelees
Brother(s) Gulaal

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dove has an “on the job” personality that is extremely focused on doing everything right. She does not handle failure easily. She is fast and precise and when things go right, she is best described as bouncy. And when things don’t go well, she broods. She learns quickly and is fast to adapt to changes in procedure.

When she is off the job, she prefers the company of small groups of friends and is spontaneous in her decisions. She once got married on a dare. She is a dedicated friend. She loves to laugh and goof around.
Strengths & Weaknesses Dove is fairly even-tempered. A subject that makes her really angry, though, is unfair treatment of individual people. Because she was often "the new girl" in schools, she cannot abide a bully. Being relatively small compared to many adults, she chooses to fight with words - but she's been known to throw a well-placed low punch also.

Due to her engineering background, Dove enjoys space walks and does not feel trapped in an EVA suit. Open water, however, is terrifying. She never properly learned to swim. She is fairly certain she will drown without a flotation device.

Dove had a crush on a friend in the Academy and when a game of Truth or Dare suggested they get married, Dove soberly agreed.

Dove does not drink alcoholic beverages due to the ill effects it would have on the symbiont she is joined with. Prior to joining, she did not drink due to wanting to keep her senses clear. She has found drinks to order which sound like mixed cocktails, but are quite virgin. She can pull off acting drunk quite well, but has never experienced the condition herself.
Hobbies & Interests Archery, hiking, formal dance, collecting dragon figurines, crocheting hats.

Personal History Dovenice was born on the Trill homeworld, though a vast majority of her youth was not spent on the planet. Her mother, Kelees, worked for a large computer firm which often required her to travel on the job. Her father, Garzol, worked remotely and sometimes acted as home-schooling teacher when structured classrooms were not available. When attending an organized school, Dove often found the lessons to be repetitive and boring. She was often sent out of class for being disruptive.

As she grew older, she discovered that she could study ahead during class if the subject was a repeat. This required her mother's help in unlocking content at first, until Dove figured out how to hack the system on her own. Occasionally, her study material was inappropriate for her age; however, since she was no longer disruptive in class, she was rarely caught.

Much of Dove's attention was on learning the way computers operated and breaking encrypted files. Though she also liked the mechanics of how things worked and often took objects apart to see how they operated. Eventually, she applied to Wryabeck’s School of Engineering and Technology, Starfleet Academy Engineering division, as well as the Trlll Symbiosis Commission

She was accepted to all of the programs she had applied for and after weighing her options, she decided on the Starfleet route. She always enjoyed the transient lifestyle her mother’s profession provided and Starfleet was always on the move. Dove began schooling at the Academy shortly after her eighteenth birthday and completed additional requirements for the TSC concurrently. She often traveled to the Trill Homeworld during school holidays, completely engaged in the selection process.

Beyond her engineering studies at the Academy, Dove also participated in several extracurricular activities. She was a part of the Archery team and joined Track and Field. For the first two years, she also was in the Model UFP, though she dropped that club once her studies became more demanding.
Service Record Dove completed Starfleet Academy’s Advanced Engineering program at the age of 26 and received her first assignment to the USS Virginia. There, she gained experience and learned much about teamwork and how to manage a team of engineers. She brought those skills along with her when transferring to the Europa Penal and Rehabilitation Facility where she was promoted to Deputy Chief Engineer. Her duties focused on the maintenance of the prisoner transports.

She specializes in maintenance and repair of appliances and computers, and propulsion systems. She finds the waste reclamation system fascinating.

She was reassigned to the USS Intrepid while it was under construction. As part of the shakedown crew, she has orders to continue on as the Chief Engineer.